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MC Central - Suzanne Penson - Teacher Librarian: Copyright

Welcome to MCCentral. Here you will will be able to access databases, pathfinders for your research and new library resources.

What is copyright

Copyright gives people ownership over works they create, whether that work be written text, film, image, music, artwork or any other type of content.

To find out about your responsibilities as an Australian student, read the guide published by Smartcopying.

Guide for Schools


Copyright School - YouTube

This libguide curated by Suzanne Penson Teacher/Librarian

Plagiarism, what does it mean?

It is easy to find multiple sources of information for any topic. Each writer, illustrator and creator of any information type, has the right to have their work recognised and acknowledged.

In your use of information, make sure that you acknowledge the creator of the information. Use information ethically.

You must reference your work when:

  • You use a direct quote from a resource
  • You paraphrase a sentence or paragraph from a source
  • You use an idea from a source

If you use it, cite it. 


Check digizen for some tips to avoid plagiarism