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MC Central - Suzanne Penson - Teacher Librarian: Overcoming Adversity

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Lost and Found

Few life stories involve such impossible odds, incredible love, and sheer determination as Saroo Brierley's. Born into a poor family in central India, Saroo became lost when he was just five years old. A terrifying train ride took him to the other side of the country. And with no way home, Saroo ended up among the millions of desperate kids living on India's streets.

Standing Tall

This powerful documentary-style program tells the at times tragic and uplifting stories of two young people facing challenges in their lives. Keisha recently immigrated to Australia, she is struggling to fit in at school and her parents seem to fight constantly - everything seems hopeless and food is the only outlet. Josh's older brother was recently killed in a car accident. As his family struggles with their loss, Josh makes new friends and uses drugs to escape. But these two teens are not going to let their problems overcome them... As Keisha relates in a telling scene; "Accept the knocks, dust off the challenges, and push harder".


Fight Song [Rachel Platten]

I Can See Clearly Now [Johnny Nash]

Let it Be [The Beatles]

Rise [Katy Perry]

The Climb [Miley Cyrus]

Short Poems

Ebsco articles

Here are some examples of articles you will find on Ebsco. Construct a key word search to narrow your search results eg. "adversity children" "adversity sport" "adversity refugees".

Australian Story: Running from Empty

"Chef Matt Golinski lost his wife and three daughters in a Boxing Day house fire which left him horrifically burnt. Now, nearly seven years on, Matt opens up for the first time on television about how rebuilt himself and his second chance at life" (ABC).